True Power

TorLaser only sells laser pointers with power 100% True and Genuine.
In the world of laser pointer the output powers are often manipulated and false. These identification labels are counterfeit laser directly from the factories that produce them, or changed by suppliers and middlemen to get a higher profit margin at the cost of cheating buyers.

Being difficult to calculate or measure the actual output of a laser pointer for the normal consumer, it is very important to see only specialized sites that offer guarantees that the offered power is real. It is also easy to distinguish real from fake testing mW power burn and distance laser range by comparing the results with tables prepared by specialized sites (power-effect-result). In TorLaser have multiple tables compare and guides mW real differentiation false. 

Distrust of absurd powers of thousands of milliwatts, as they will be completely false, and also very low prices, no free 30-50 € and never have a laser 500mW green for example, because with that Money can not even pay the price of a laser diode that real power, no longer talk about the other components, assembly, distribution, taxes, profit margin... It is impossible in any case.

True Power Laser vs Fake Power Laser

Here is an example of this event cheating in one of our buyers.

Laser pointers are compared GreenFire - 200mW Green Laser Pointer by TorLaser with real output power in 532nm and other OEM laser pointer with "8000mW" in green color as well.

To start they will never be real these 8000mW power, or adding the green wavelength output having more infrared issued, which of course makes it to not have a IR Filter.

The pointer "8000mW" is much less bright, actually happens because your diode is 20mW, of which only 5mW output are pure green and the other in infrared light 15mW. 

As you can see it is a complete scam, and it happens unfortunately almost always, therefore, will again only recommend buying from trusted sites with guarantees of quality, not only by the savings made in your pocket, but because Not to be be playing with a product that completely emits invisible light and extremely dangerous: infrared (IR).

If you found a laser at another site or already have one and distrust their power or features are real, contact us without obligation and we will show the differences.