-What is a Laser Pointer?

laser pointer is a small device that emits a laser light, usually green or red, which is often used to indicate a point or specific location. 

The laser term comes from English and is the acronym: "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation", and that translates into Spanish as "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation."

For more information check out Laser Dictionary.


-What are they for?

The most common uses of the laser pointers are fun, astronomy, photography, experiments, presentations, visual spectacles, mountaineering, hunting, airsoft, signage... but ultimately whoever you may be helpful to you.


-How are classified?

UNE EN 60825-1 / A2-2002, laser products, taking into account the wavelength, energy content and pulse characteristics of a laser beam are classified into the following classes:

·Class 1: Laser products are safe under all reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, including the use of optical instruments in direct vision.  
·Class 1M: Lasers that emit in the range of wavelengths (lambda) between 302.5 and 4000 nm are safe in reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, but can be dangerous if optical instruments are used for direct view.  
·Class 2: (Power between 1 and 5 mW) . Lasers emitting visible radiation in the range of wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm. Eye protection is normally achieved by aversion responses including the eyelid reflex. This reaction can provide adequate protection while optical instruments are used.  
·Class 2M: Lasers emitting visible radiation (400 to 700 nm). Eye protection is normally achieved by aversion responses including the eyelid reflex, but the vision of the beam can be dangerous if optical instruments are used.  
·Class 3R: Lasers that emit between 302.5 and 106 nm, the direct view of the beam is potentially dangerous but their risk is lower than for Class 3B lasers. They require fewer manufacturing requirements and control measures applicable to user Class 3B lasers. The accessible emission limit is less than 5 times the LEA Class 2 in the 400-700 nm range, and less than 5 times the LEA Class 1 for other wavelengths.  
·Class 3B: (Power 5 to 500mW) .Lasers whose direct vision of the beam is always dangerous (eg. Within the Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance).The vision of diffuse reflections is normally safe. 
·Class 4: (Less than 500mW Power). Lasers can also produce hazardous diffuse reflections. They can cause damage to the skin and can also be a fire hazard. Their use requires extreme caution.


-They are dangerous?

All our professional laser pointers are Class 3B or 4, so they are extremely dangerous if not used under appropriate security measures

What causes the laser so dangerous is its great power of concentration of light in a very small and powerful point, in addition to its non-divergence of light, ie, the beam is collimated, the light is never dispersed as can happen a few meters from the flashlight, resulting to be dangerous both short as long. 

The damage caused by the bad use are the most common eye burns through direct or indirect exposure to the light beam as the light reflections themselves are very dangerous and uncontrollable. Such damage can be irreparable for the vision so it is always advised to use this type of laser protection goggles approved for wavelength and power used.

But relax, because you do not have to fear them or stop using them, just do it with respect and given the appropriate security measures for safe use:

· Always use approved safety goggles to prevent vision damage. 
· Never point the laser beam directly into the eyes, even with safety glasses would be very dangerous this. 
· Never point a living, flammable or make use not responsible. 
· Beware of the light reflections of the laser beam due to bounce off reflective surfaces such as mirrors or the walls themselves. For this reason, you should always use outdoors controlled by failing to nearby objects that might affect the beam. Pay special attention to this point when you make experiments at close range like trying to burn objects as you'll be very close to the reflected beams. 
· The lasers are not toys, do not use them as such. 
· Do not modify or manipulate the normal operation or laser components. 
· Many of our laser pointers are able to burn the skin in addition to the eyes, review their features and take appropriate security measures to avoid contact with the beam. 
· Do not pay or let use your laser to third parties they are not properly informed about all these safety and proper use.

Fulfilling these simple guidelines, many common sense, you'll still enjoy hassle or risk of laser pointers!


-Are they legal?

If they are legal in Spain for professional traders over 18 years and with the proper trainingThis does not mean that the police can not take it off if you make him misuse can even acarrearte fines and imprisonment. Please, for the sake of everyone responsible use and respect the laws of the country where you are. If you need more information about the legality of current research before committing a crime.


-What choose?

To find out which laser is best for you, first ask yourself what type of use that you think give and how often do you think you will use: occasional, regular, frequent, intensive...

Once you have a clear idea, the first thing is to choose the color of the laser, depending on the applications is recommended one color or another:

-Signaling and Visual spectacles: the green color is brighter to the human eye, making it ideal for use in astronomy, night photography... The blue color is also very bright and attractive for shows, and red and purple would be perfect for use indoors and presentations harder to see and less annoying colors.

-Experimentación and Burn: for experiments burning, the color blue is best, because their energy is the largest to be closer to the wavelength of the ultraviolet (UV). Followers violet laser and red, highly combustible as well.This time the green laser occupy the last place to not be as powerful as the others to burn.

After having clear color the following would be the power. If you go for a continued use laser trying to choose a high power as long as possible for the type of application that you are going to use, as the most powerful, plus much more light, lasers are more stable, durable and durable. 

To finally know what your ideal laser our consultation comparative features, you will find useful. And as always, do not forget that we are at your disposal to advise you and answer all your questions.


-Why do some colors are more expensive than others?

Many of our customers ask us how can be cheaper TorLaser 2000mW Blue BlueTor that GreenTor, Green and 500mW.

The answer is simple, the price difference between the different colors is due to the type of internal construction and technology applied to achieve a wavelength or another. 

Green lasers are really infrared lasers (808nm), but by its internal construction with nonlinear crystals, the conversion is achieved by green and 532nm wavelength. This process is the most expensive and hard to get as much power is lost during the conversion. So in reality, the laser diode is 2000mW GreenTor, only after the conversion of color and IR filter, the actual power output achieved green (532nm) is 500mW of 2000. It is for this reason its price may seem expensive compared to blue, although as you'll end up not understand is, is a fair price.

In contrast to the blue lasers, violet or red, the output is direct, without conversion or filtering, so lowering their manufacturing cost by not requiring such internal components and offering power outputs much greater than the greens in the same scales price. 

This phenomenon is neither better nor worse for a laser or others, it is a peculiarity of the green, although less milliwatts offer still more light, so that more than offsets the extra cost. 

For more information check out Laser Dictionary.


-Why elsewhere laser pointers are much cheaper and "powerful" than TorLaser?

TorLaser guarantees the best price on all their products, no one will give you the same strength, quality and service for a lower price and if you do, let us know and you beat a price.

That said, if you find a lower price on a laser of the same features that a TorLaser, or milliwatt laser much more for much less money than ours, surely the laser is completely false.

You wonder how can be a false laser?

These are the main techniques of deception that often use the vast majority of other vendors laser pointers:

-Output false or manipulated: the identification labels are counterfeit laser directly from the factories that produce them, or changed by suppliers intermediaries so as to achieve a higher profit margin at the cost of cheating buyers. Distrust of absurd powers of thousands of milliwatts, since they are completely false and also very low prices, no free 30-50 € and never have a laser 500mW green for example, because that money or as even possible to pay the price of a laser diode that real power, and never mind the rest of components, assembly, distribution, taxes, profit margin... It is impossible in any case.

-Filter IR: green laser pointers TorLaser has an internal component called IR Filter, which is responsible for filtering the output light removed any residual part of infrared light and ensuring that the output power is 100% issued in length visible wave. This is one of the big differences that make a TorLaser pointer is an equal power or even much smaller, brighter and podereso others of dubious quality as normally never incorporate this component in addition to cost savings, so that they can make more powerful in terms of burning things, as you will be allowed to pass 100% of the power generated including the infrared part, although not visible, if it is very powerful in burning, while dangerous and not recommended. It is therefore easy to find pointers to lower prices actually are able to burn different objects, the problem is that you are selling a 100% green laser, do not realize that green is 25%, 75% with a corresponding infrared danger, have you need clear and shopping, and especially do not like the mess with your view.

-Features: those announced by these vendors are very different from the actual laser you're sure to send. Often they manipulate the scope of luminiso beam, making sure that you will reach tens of kilometers when it is not.Plus you never show the laser in use in real photos or video so that you can see the result given.

-Accessories: quality accessories laser pointers is a very important to get the best results and they can be used safely factor. The batteries supplied with power in these lasers are also manipulated counterfeit brands. Although these counterfeit batteries look alike on the outside, its chemical compounds are of very poor quality, they will never have the real capacity to mark on the label after several charging cycles significantly erode this ability. Also they do not have internal protection system against short circuit, so they are very dangerous because they may cause fire during charging. We must also pay special attention to the glasses if they are supplied with these lasers, it is possible that they are not approved or have passed the necessary quality controls, and its very harmful use.

-Shipping: many of these shops and vendors using international shipments from abroad to cut costs. Do not admit you wait a month or more for your purchase, it is intolerable that when you have already paid have to wait that long. Besides these vendors never discussed possible extra charges have to assume if your package most likely is stopped at customs, the procedures will have to make in order to release it, making it even longer the wait, the risk that your package is lost or destroyed... Also consider that if you have to make a return, it is you who have to bear the shipping costs disproportionate to these Asian countries regarding the value of the article, in most cases not compensate you send and lose the money.


Here is an example of this event cheating in one of our buyers:

Laser pointers are compared GreenFire - 200mW Green Laser Pointer by TorLaser with real output power in 532nm and other OEM laser pointer with "8000mW" in green color as well.


Laser Pointer differences between real power and false power

To start they will never be real these 8000mW power, or adding the green wavelength output having more infrared issued, which of course makes it to not have a IR filter.
The pointer "8000mW" is much less bright, actually happens because your diode is 20mW, of which only 5mW output are pure green and the other in infrared light 15mW. 
As you can see it is a complete scam, and it happens unfortunately almost always, therefore, will again only recommend buying from trusted sites with guarantees of quality, not only by the savings made in your pocket, but because Not to be be playing with a product that completely emits invisible light and extremely dangerous: infrared (IR). 


Our prices if set to the actual quality and service we offer.

We always send from Spain before a day after receiving your payment, without long waits and shipments 24 hours. You will receive your purchase in your house, without any extra charge or problem, it's what you deserve, do not settle for less.

We know our products if we use real pictures and videos, which you see is what you get, no unpleasant surprises!

Remember, in TorLaser only find products with actual characteristics, high quality and GENUINE, it often cheap is expensive.

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