About Us

TorLaser is a project born in 2009 from the passion of many fans around the world the laser, located in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), Spain.
It arose from the need to offer a specialized real laser pointers at an affordable price so that any amateur can have a professional quality product at the best price power site.
Until recently, lasers were luxury items, especially rare green or blue, so its price was only available to a few.
With its popularity and new technological developments, access to laser pointers was easier and brought countless online and casual sellers who marketed stores, but altering its features and true techniques to achieve a higher profit margin.
It is currently estimated that 99% of the offered laser pointers are forgeries, both in its real power, range and most of its features.
TorLaser combat this practice to inform all users whether they are customers or not, with numerous guides, dictionaries of terms and useful information to avoid these scams, as no one would like to be cheated, but unfortunately happens very often in this area.

Why Choose Us

We guarantee that the features and power of our lasers are real, without guile.

Our products are of high quality manufacture all of our laser pointers, work only with the best brands and components suppliers, of course no counterfeits. We also make numerous and meticulous quality control on all our products before they are sent to so rule out any problems and verify proper operation.

All the pictures and videos of our items are real, what you see is what you get, without tricks or surprises. Do not settle for generic catalog photos used by most of the other vendors and shops, so it will be impossible to know the actual result will give the laser before buying and be much more likely to end up being scammed.

We only sell laser pointers, we are fully specialized in them and we love them! =). We can give you the best possible advice in any consultation on this issue. Laser pointers are not one more item in our store are our hobby.

Offer a service at the height of our buyers. We are very meticulous best to offer you the best shopping experience. Your satisfaction is our best reward).

We are sure to offer the world's best prices on all our products, we work with minimum margins in order to reach more customers. Anyway, if you find a lower price on an item with the same characteristics elsewhere, let us know and we will beat the price, guaranteed!

Who likes to wait?. We take this point very seriously, so we always try to give you immediate assistance deliveries on the same day, delivery within 24 hours in any country with the best transport companies... You will notice the difference.

We hope that we already know a little more, but if you want to find out any other information do not hesitate to contact us.

With your support and trust will continue to work hard every day in order to remain a benchmark of quality, service and price.

Best regards, Team

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