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TorLaser is a project born in 2009 from the passion of several fans for the world of laser.
It arose from the need to offer a site specialized in laser pointers of real power at an affordable price so that any fan can have a professional quality product at the best price.

Red Laser

Red lasers were the first to appear for more than three decades, so has already gotten very stable and lower prices much. The wavelength of the red pointers ranging from 630nm to 670nm. They are less bright than the green, but instead its power to burn is much higher. The red lasers are ideal for any type of use: fun, experiments, presentations…

Green Laser

The green laser pointers are now the most used, because the green light is up to 6 times brighter to the human eye than red. The wavelength of green pointers ranging from 500nm to 550nm, 532nm established as the most common. Green lasers are ideal for any type of use: fun, astronomy, photography, experiments, presentations, signage, visual spectacles, mountaineering, hunting, airsoft…

Blue & Violet Laser

Blue and violet laser pointers have recently appeared, are the most exclusive and difficult to find. The blues combines the enormous luminosity of the greens with the power to burn the reds. The wavelength of the blue pointers is 445nm and the violets 405nm. Blue and violet lasers are ideal for any type of use: fun, photography, experiments, presentations and even blues for astronomy!


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