In TorLaser we offer the maximum possible safeguards to ensure your satisfaction is our main premise.

·Real power and real characteristics: all output powers of our laser pointers and features announced are real.

·Always Original: all our items are 100% original, you will not find fakes of low price and quality.

·Actual Photos and videos: our multimedia material is always real, not computer tweaks and of the same products you will receive.

·Best price guaranteed: our prices are competitive, but if you find a lower price, let us know and we will beat it.

·Faster: we are the fastest deliveries and services, we work only with actual stock and immediately attend to all our users.

·Reviews of buyers: you will see before your purchase reviews of other buyers yourself and evaluate ourselves through our program of reviews.


The products have a warranty of 2 years from the date of receipt of the shipment. Manufacturers of products are solely responsible for ensuring and providing the necessary technical assistance and after-sales. If the customer has any queries regarding a product, you should contact the Technical Assistance Service (SAT) as each manufacturer.

The warranty is 6 months TorLaser.com as distributor, from 6 months of the order date the warranty offered by the manufacturer directly. TorLaser.com in case of failure of one of these products provide the buyer address of the manufacturer to send it for repair or replacement. The costs of this return will be borne by the buyer in any case. 
·If the defect comes to light during the first 6 months from the delivery of the goods, it is assumed that the fault already existed when you bought it and the consumer does not have to prove nothing. 
·However, when the lack of conformity becomes apparent after 6 months and in doubtful cases, the manufacturer may require an independent expert report to process a warranty. In obvious cases of malfunction or irregular operation under warranty no any problem. 
In any case, during the time that the consumer is deprived of the product calculating the period of the guarantee is suspended; for example, if the repair of a hard object 15 days, the guarantee period will end 15 days later than originally planned. 
In the event that the client detects a failure or malfunction of the product, provided there is no manipulation by the client, the client may choose his replacement, unless it is impossible or disproportionate to TorLaser.com, in which case the amount of the proceeds will be returned. 
TorLaser.com reserves the right to substitute one product for another different but with equal performance to product requested by the customer due to possible updates from the manufacturer.

-Process Warranty

1. Contact us via the same route I use to place your order. We will tell you the email address of the Technical Support that will be in charge of processing your warranty. No return of product under warranty will not be admitted without the application and previously communicated to management TorLaser.com, who will manage the process of returning the product.

2. Please specify in the email you send to Support your order code, description of the occurrence, invoice code and serial number of the unit if necessary.

3. If it is necessary to send us your product for review will supply the shipping address. Shipping charges, shall be borne by the customer. Along the damaged item should include a copy of the invoice and the contract of guarantee signed properly they will send Technical Support. After 7 days of the claim by the client TorLaser.com, if the product has not been processed and delivered to the place indicated by Technical Support, our department will not accept the claim and the request will be canceled by canceling any remaining warranty processed in the apparatus. If due to bad packing a damaged component is received, we will not be responsible for such compensation. Notifying the customer problem and resolved directly by the customer and transport agency. Any material breach of these characteristics, will be sent back freight collect, although the material complies with other parts of the warranty. If you choose a shipping method uninsured and estravía package, the customer will be responsible for the loss. 

4. Options:

a) If the reception of the product is found that the fault is covered by the warranty conditions, once repaired or replaced will be returned to the customer free of charge.

· Repair or replace. The first thing to do is send the product to repair or replace it with a new one. The choice rests with the seller, will decide based on the costs it generates each option: if one is disproportionate to the other, the seller may choose the most convenient to their interests, provided that the consumer will also assume greater drawbacks. In case of not having availability of the article, we will proceed to change for an item of equal or superior performance, always informing and upon acceptance, and provided that the request by the client is not disproportionate, as is indicated in Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods (BOE no. 165, of 11-07-2003) 
· Price reduction or termination of the contract. Where it is not possible (or reasonable) replace the product with a new one when the repair or replacement does not serve to make the product under conditions when the time period is exaggerated... the consumer can choose between asking a price reduction or terminate the contract (if the lack of conformity is important). In addition, the consumer is entitled to indemnify him for the damages.

TorLaser.com for reasons beyond the company does not undertake to deliver the product claimed in a specified period, this period being prescribed by the wholesaler or manufacturer, within which will be duly communicated to the customer by mail.

Return shipping will be done by mail, becoming the buyer responsible for any loss, damage or loss, if prefer a faster shipping insured and you can choose to be returned by courier, must pay 3 €. This amount will be paid by bank transfer or PayPal. 

b) If the reception of the product is verified that the equipment works perfectly, it will be returned to the customer must pay the customer transport costs generated as few expenditures for manipulation and testing, estimated at a total of € 10 . Return shipping will be done by mail, becoming responsible buyer for any loss, damage or loss, should prefer a secure and faster shipment can choose that is returned by courier, increasing the amount 3 € more, 13 € in total. This amount will be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.  

c) If the reception of the product is found to equipment failure violates the guarantee conditions will void the warranty. The item will be returned to the customer must pay the same transportation costs and generated some expenses for handling and testing, estimated at a total amount of 10 €. Return shipping will be done by mail, becoming responsible buyer for any loss, damage or loss, should prefer a secure and faster shipment can choose that is returned by courier, increasing the amount 3 € more, 13 € in total. This amount will be paid by bank transfer or PayPal. 

Once the forwarding of the review, the estimated costs 5€ for any change of address or forward, whether by request or because it is poorly specified in the order, shall be borne by the customer.  
If a package is returned by wrong address, absent, do not pick or reject, it will notify the customer when we receive it in our office to choose which you want to with it. If you request a new shipment will be charged 5€ as shipping charge. Have one month from the notice from us to agree on a resolution, after this time shall be deemed unanswered it ignores the purchase and waives his articles and amount paid for them.

-Cancellation Of guarantees

· Improper use, handling or maintenance by Customer of equipment or component. 
· Ingredients burned by electrical surge or overcurrent. 
· Broken or damaged components subjected to impact. 
· Improper repair, modification by the customer of a team. 
· Deterioration , removal or concealment by the customer, the warranty label or manufacturer TorLaser.com all products (including labels with serial numbers and security seals). 
· Faults caused as a result of improper use or outside the specified conditions, defective installation, or wear and tear of equipment. 
· Damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, wind, earthquake or storm. 
· Cosmetic damage or scratches on plastic materials such as housings. 
· Damage caused by impact with other objects, falls, liquids spills or immersion in liquids. 
· Malfunction due to tampering by unauthorized technicians and subsequent modifications or expansions not included in the original configuration. 
· Related configuration errors Errors or incompatibility of components. 
· Consumable parts, such as battery. It is considered normal a reduction in battery life due to repeated charging / discharging. 
· Damage by accident, abuse, misuse or inappropriate applications. 
· Deterioration due to normal use. 
· Any damage or harm if the number label serial and product bar code or any of its components has been modified, deleted or removed.

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