In TorLaser.com for your convenience we provide you with the safest forms of payment and popular internet:


·Bank transfer:  
Free and immediate payment if you make the payment or transfer from the same entity to which it is sent. Account have the Caixa, BBVA, ING and SantanderYou can choose the one you prefer. If you make the transfer from a different bank may take up to 48 hours Apparate reflected (longer for international transfers). Until income appears to us not the order can not be sent on request. We do not accept as proof of payment bank emails warning or proof of bank transfer.



·Debit or credit card:  
 Secure online payment via your credit card or due: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Master, Aura, American Express, iupay and more. This type of payment is instantaneous.


·Apple Pay:  
Secure online payment through your iOS device. This type of payment is instantaneous. You must use a compatible Apple device, have your card configured with Apple Pay and make the purchase from the Safari browser.


If you wish you can pay the dealer at the time of delivery of the package. This type of payment is a fixed surcharge of 3€ (VAT incl.) to the first 100€ order, and 3% from the rest the amount of the purchase if it is higher. This cost will charge the shipping company to be an additional service to post without refund. You must have the total amount of your purchase with cash money just prepared for delivery of the dealer, not usually carry change. Type of payment available only for shipments to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands).

If you need more information about our payments or want to realize ourselves a query click here.

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